Engagement & Education

Engagement & Education


From travel subsidies to downloadable free teaching resources, we have an extensive education programme for both schools and adult learners. Our properties are fascinating places to learn about Scotland’s history, as well as science, art and design and the chance to develop and research traditional skills.

Teaching ancient methods

At the Balmacara Estate, the Trust has been working for more than ten years to promote and encourage the continuation of the traditional method of farming known as crofting. Crofting is a form of tenant farming that involves the creation of small crofts on better quality land for the production of food. A crofter operates each croft and poor quality ground on hills in the area is shared by all the crofters in township for grazing. It is a system unique to Scotland, designed around the rugged Scottish landscape.

Today, the Trust is working with local crofters, the local high school and college, and the University of the Highlands and Islands to develop a course in crofting for teenagers designed to educate a new generation with the practical skills necessary for crofting.

Case studies

Bannockburn's future

We need your help to pass on the story of Bannockburn to generations of schoolchildren in Scotland through school visits and lively educational workshops which will bust the myths and ensure the truth about our history informs the future. We aim to inspire curiosity and genuine interest in the past that will motivate young people to conserve our heritage in the years ahead.

Training Apprentices

Heritage buildings are decaying because the UK simply doesn’t have enough stonemasons with the right skills to care for them. To secure a future for our castles, grand houses, cottages and crofts we must repair them today, but also equip our young people with the skills they need to care for them into the future.

Our Stonemasonry Apprentice Training Programme at Culzean allows us to carry out repairs at the best possible value to our charity, deliver high-quality conservation work and pass on traditional craft knowledge and skills to the next generation. A donation of £41 can support an Apprentice for a day.

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