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Wild Scotland Appeal

The Wild Scotland Appeal funds projects that protect and conserve Scotland’s native and rare species in the wild. We need your help to continue these projects which protect species like the iconic red squirrel and endangered bats, undertake seabird habitat and population monitoring and capture wildlife and landscape footage, using the skills of NTS rangers, ecologists and staff.

How you can help protect Scotland’s iconic wildlife and wild places

The projects below are are just three examples of the vital work your donations can fund.

  • £40 would help build a new home for a bat, enabling us to learn more about these fascinating mammals
  • £120 will pay for a tripod to assist our rangers with puffling patrols
  • £250 will pay for a a new trail camera to survey red squirrels and other wildlife

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Case studies

Protected Species Management

Threave Estate in Dumfries provides a haven for at least seven species of bats including the large noctule and rare whiskered bats. Bat are highly intelligent flying mammals which play a vital role in our environment, Over the last century, populations of bats have suffered severe decline through the destruction of roosts, fragmentation of habitat and disease.

Seabird Monitoring & Protection

The NTS manages 16 Special Protection Areas for birds with nearly 25% of Scotland’s seabirds nesting on island and coastal sites in our care. The remote archipelago of St Kilda alone accommodates nearly 1 million birds. Aside from the travel costs to reach the most remote part of Scotland, telescopes, tripods, rucksacks and other materials are needed so our rangers can make sure we are providing the best habitat for this important bird on St. Kilda.

Wildlife Watch

The NTS Wildlife Watch filming project has been developed to capture exciting wildlife and landscape footage, using knowledge and fieldcraft skills of NTS staff including rangers and ecologists. The ultimate aim of the Wildlife Watch project is to raise awareness of the vast range of wildlife and habitat within the Trust's care and increase support for conservation.

By donating to the Wild Scotland Appeal today, you will help conserve and protect Scotland's wildlife and wild places for current and future generations

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Text WILD22 £5 to 70070 to donate £5